Friday, October 31, 2008

Busy as usual

okay, so everyone is mad I have not done Jamie's Job of keeping this blog up to date, but I will post a quick update. Jamie and I have been competing on who can be the healthiest as we lose some weight and get in shape. We motivate each other with massages. We are working to get ready for our Halloween Trunk or Treat tonight. Mesha will be a princess, Aiden will either be a Buzz Lightyear or Thomas the Tank engine and Brody will be a pumpkin. Brody went in for his 9 month appointment this week. He is just over 26 lbs. Still off the charts, but the Dr said not as far off the charts. His hight is still at the 95th percentile. We will be in AZ in just over a week. That is so soon. Jamie I am sure can't wait. I am not looking forward to the long drive.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Making Faces

I miss the kids and Jamie since I have been away for a week and a half now. Last night I woke myself from a dream where I was making faces with Emesha. I would wink and she would wink; I would poke my cheeks and she would poke her cheeks; I pulled my nose up, she pulled her nose up. When I woke I was sticking my tongue out, so I must have been playing along while I slept. Aiden will not play that game with me as much as Emesha, but I do miss the kids and Jamie.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

So recenly Jamie has had a fear of loosing her mememory or at least the computer's mememory. Every picture we have ever taken of the kids sits on the Hard Drive on our home computer. Before Emesha was born we printed some of them, but not many. So now there are thousands of pictures on there. Well printing these dang pictures is not cheap. I think Sams or Costco is 18 cents a piece! quick math... .18 x 1000 = way to much for a picture in my mind! Now comes Snapfish... 8 cent photos!! So Jamie had me load a DVD full of all the 'good' pictures (so many garbage shots are taken with didgital cameras) and send it to them to load. We then were able to get a large box full of 1000 pictures mailed to our door. They offer matte or glossy finish and if we want to go back and order bigger or photos for frames, they are all online ready for it. I just had to let everyone know how easy it was!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Alone in Texas

Well, I dropped the kids and wife off in Phoenix after a short vacation with them, and now I am alone in Texas for a week. Last night I went with some others from the elders quorum and helped a less active family pick peaches from their orchard. I think he has about 500 trees and it is the end of the season. I ate a few of the peaches as we picked and they were very good. We shall see how time gets filled... Honey do's or the gym or sleep? I forced myself to sleep in until 9 today. I guess Mesha was sick last night in phoenix though. Poor girl was throwing up and now is sleeping some more. I miss the family and it will be nice to see them again in a week.

Friday, July 4, 2008


Well Happy 4th of July. WE took the kids to a parade this morning. I guess I did not tell Jamie the parade consisted of US walking and waving to old people. The Fire Department had 7 trucks there for the kids to follow (every truck had their sirens blaring!). Then they had ice cream and cookies for the kids. The kids then were able to climb all over the trucks.

These are pictures from today and the last little bit. Post comments as we love to hear from everyone!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

Brody Jensen McKinney

I don't have any new pictures at my finger tips, but I wanted to give an update.

The last couple nights he eats at 9-10 and again at 3-3:30 and 7-8, so I think that is very good. He Actually went 8 HOURS the other night and Jamie about had a heart attack. He is a very big boy. He is usually all smiles and puts up with a little torture from his brother and sister. Aiden and Emesha just love him so much and they want to help out all the time. Well he was crying and mom was not coming fast enough. Aiden kept telling Jamie "Brody is hungry Mom!, Brody is hungry MOM!" well by the time Jamie made it there Brody had his first taste of solid food (GREEN BEANS!)

Jamie had her 31st birthday this week and she wanted money to buy new clothes with (when she looses those last few pounds). So I decided to give her a challenge! I taped the money to a wall with each bill slightly higher than the last one. For the final 3 bills I was jumping from a chair to get them nearly to our ten foot ceiling. I then told jamie should could have as much as she could get without standing on anything. (well I did help her figure out a way around that rule; she could lift one of the kids, have me give her some long tongs, or have me lift a kid!) She used all three. She did get all her b-day money and will get to go shopping all by herself when she is ready.

I will post more pictures in a while, but I wanted to give an update!